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Holiday Makers Looking For Adventure

This year is the year of adventure for travellers, as 31% of them express boredom with traditional wellness trips and seek more exciting experiences. Expedia Group's trend data suggests that "New Wave Wellness" trips, such as fruit harvesting and forest bathing, will be popular. While wellness trips saw a 30% increase in demand in 2022, people are now more focused on exploring destinations as more places open up. "Culture Capitals" like Lisbon and Tokyo are attracting travellers who want to venture further.

The rise of "Set-Jetters" is noticeable, with 44% admitting that TV shows influence their travel decisions. Additionally, there has been a 40% increase in searches for UK "hidden gems," with Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire topping the list. Despite the cost-of-living crisis, travellers are willing to splurge on luxury amenities, with 44% valuing things like fancy coffee machines and outdoor kitchens over the travel destination itself. Furthermore, global searches for 3-star hotels have increased by over 20% compared to last couple of years.

Top 10 UK Hidden Gems (Searches Have Increased By 40%) Or More

  1. Cambridgeshire, England.

  2. Leicestershire, England.

  3. Hertfordshire, England.

  4. Buckinghamshire, England.

  5. South Ayrshire, Scotland.

  6. East Lothian, Scotland.

  7. Monmouthshire, Wales.

  8. Tyne and Wear, England

  9. Midlothian, Scotland

  10. Bath and North East Somerset, England

The survey was carried out for Expedia Group brands, which include Expedia, Vrbo and and the data from their searches up to November 2022 on their sites only to produce these results.

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