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  • Nikki Latham

Hospital's Multi Million Development Plans Move Onto The New Emergency Department

Dorset County Hospital's (DCH) site moves another step further on its redevelopment, with our first chance to see the new Emergency Department and Critical Care Unit building online.
DCH has been earmarked £77.3m of Government funding to build the new Emergency Department, which would link to the existing hospital, plus create an Integrated Care Hub, where health, social care and voluntary services could work together to provide care to patients at home or in a community setting.

The scheme, if approved by local planners, would form part of the Government's New Hospitals Programme. The Trust, also has plans to build a new new two-storey main entrance, hospital support centre and key worker housing.
All the developments form part of the Trust's You Future Hospital programme, the plan for the next five years at DCH.
Interim Chief Executive at DCH Nick Johnson said: "It's an exciting time for us at Dorset County Hospital and we're delighted to have been included in the Government's New Hospitals Programme."
DCH is inviting patients and the local community to view and comment on the proposals online until 11th March. They can be viewed here:

Feedback will be used to further develop the plans and included as part of the Trust's outline planning application.

DCH is being supported by Prime, an award-winning specialist health care property company, who are working in partnership with the Trust to identify and plan improvement for the future. They have already worked together on the new 650-space car park due to open later this year.

All pictures credited to DCH/Prime.
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