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I Will Take The Challenge!!! But I Need You To Support Charlie & Ben First...

As you know we have been supporting Charlie & Ben on their mammoth task of their walk from Kent to Cardiff, just 207 miles. Charlie as you will see from some of their pictures has been struggling with his feet and don't ask Ben about thistle bushes. Their Facebook page is: Charlie's and Ben's sponsored walk from Ashford Kent Cardiff. - , please pop over and give a like/follow!

We did our live show with them and our birthday celebration on Sunday and they wanted a challenge each day.

I kindly sent Charlie via the Wetherspoons' app, mushy peas and chopped chilli's which you can see below, he completed the challenge.... I might give this one a go!

It was only fair that Ben should also receive a challenge, and I was told nothing too spicy for him! Well a scoop of ice cream was delivered to their table on the next day, but Charlie was ready to add its special topping, ketchup, brown sauce, salt, pepper, vinegar and baked beans...

They are collecting along the way so if you see them drop a few pennies in the bucket and the Just Giving Page below... but I have offered that when they reach £2,000, and it has to be by Friday, as I will be in the William Henry or The Swan in Weymouth, not sure which one yet. I will give them my table number in the local Wetherspoons. Now I believe they have been studying the menu to see what they can come up with for me. But I am happy to share this information, as I want these guys to raise as much money as possible for the three charities they are supporting. And of course, I will video it for you guys... so get giving and see me do the Wetherspoons food challenge to show my personal support to Ben & Charlie.

If you can donate, please do so if not please just share this below for them!

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