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It’s official camping really does make you happy or does it?

Discover the secret to happiness in the great outdoors! A groundbreaking study by the Camping and Caravanning Club, last year, in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University and Sheffield Hallam University, reveals the incredible benefits of camping.

Brace yourself for the "Outjoyment Report" - the ultimate guide to boosting your well-being and mental health. Whether you're a tent enthusiast, caravan lover, or glamper extraordinaire, this study proves that camping is the key to unlocking true happiness. Prepare to be amazed as the research unveils the transformative power of nature, showing that even just being near the countryside can have a profound positive impact. Join the ranks of happy campers and caravanners who experience less stress, flourishing lives, and enhanced well-being.

Key findings from The Outjoyment Report discovered campers are:

Happy: 97% of campers say happiness is their top motivator for going camping while 48% of campers reported feeling happy almost every day, compared with 35% of non-campers

More connected to nature: 93% go camping to enjoy being in nature – the second highest motivator after happiness, and they score highly on measures of nature connection

Enjoying better well-being: 93% of campers value camping for the benefits it gives to their health and well-being – an increase on the 85% of our Real Richness Report in 2011

Flourishing: 44% are flourishing (have optimal mental health) compared with 31% of non-campers. This increases for those who camp more often

Less stressed: 88% of campers are motivated to go camping to take time out of everyday life and have higher levels of psychological well-being than non-campers

Active outdoors: 98% of campers take part in outdoor activities. 91% go walking, 39% cycle and 26% enjoy birdwatching.

Discovering the wonders of nature is not just a leisure activity; it's an essential part of education. In a ground breaking study, the survey explored the significance of children embarking on camping adventures as part of their formal learning. But that's not all - we also delved into the intriguing concept of "green prescriptions" prescribed by healthcare professionals, where spending time in natural settings acts as a remedy for poor mental health.

A decade ago, The Camping and Caravanning Club, in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, conducted a similar investigation called the Real Richness Report. Fast forward to today, and the findings are astonishingly different! Now, a whopping 83% of respondents view nature-based prescriptions as an effective solution for mental health issues, marking a remarkable increase from 58% in the past study.

Moreover, an overwhelming 94% believe that outdoor learning is crucial, with 93% advocating for camping experiences as part of formal education - a significant surge from the previous 59%. Experts have concluded that amidst the turmoil of recent times, fostering positivity and connection is paramount.

Is camping for you? I think we will leave the decision up to you...

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