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Littlemoor Community Coming Together For Good

The Littlemoor Safety Forum has celebrated it's first year in fine form, tackling its objectives "to have a safe, healthy environmental community to which people are proud to say they live in Littlemoor".
Initially the funding was an obstacle to be overcome, but with support from Weymouth Town Council (WTC) and Littlemoor Community Action Group (LCAG), helped, but was also supported by residents assisting personally, that Littlemoor Safety Forum would like to thank for their efforts.

Each month, closed meetings are held with Dorset Police, Housing Associations, Dorset Council EH, WTC, First Bus, Dorset Waste, Dog Warden, Dorset Fire Service, Local Councillors, LFD Representatives and other organisations as relevant. The problems are discussed in a lively, but good humoured way coming together to swap ideas and work on steps forward for Littlemoor. Additionally, as often as possible meetings are opened to residents to add their opinions and ideas.
There are many initiatives happening at present. To name but a few, Litter Free Dorset are working towards a Litter Free area, which includes dog fouling, which is a big issue, often highlighted on social media. At another meeting, Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), was a hotly discussed topic and everyone was reminded that this should be reported no matter how big or small. At the next meeting, irresponsible dog-owners and dog fouling is at the top of the agenda, but if a resident has a concern that they think should be looked into by the Forum would love to hear from you.

The Forum continues to undertake Litter Picks, Recycling Events, Table Top Sales, etc, with more great events to be included in the calendar for 2022, and looking ahead to the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations later in the year.

As always with many groups like the Littlemoor Safety Forum, there is always so much more that needs to be done, than the current volunteers can't do alone, so are always looking for residents willing to help, who want to improve where they live. Additionally, any funding is also welcomed for community action that can't be done on manpower/womanpower alone.

The next dates for Littlemoor residents is the Community Valentine's Litter Pick, starting at 11am on 19th February and the next Resident's Open Meeting is on the 7th March at 7pm, Littlemoor Community Hall.

For more information about the meetings, events or the Forum contact Tony, Co-ordinator of Littlemoor Safety Forum on

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