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Littlemoor Councillor Takes The Reins Of The Residents Open Meeting

Cllr Louie O'Leary is to take the Chairmanship of Littlemoor's residents open meetings, following the retirement of local resident Tony Alee. Tony, the former chairman announced at the last meeting earlier this month his retirement from this, but remains chair of the safety forum that works with recycling, ASB and the Community Speedwatch.

Littlemoor & Preston councillor, Louie (Shown Above), was elected unopposed by residents at the meeting as the new chairman and organising future meetings. Louie moved a vote of thanks to Tony, who he praised "for all his years of hard work and dedication".

Cllr O'Leary said: "These meetings are vital, they've proven to work. I will continue the work of the past with a focus on defending Littlemoor's interests, action on crime, ASB, litter, speeding prevention and improving local amenities. These meetings are well attended, but we can always do better and that will be my focus."

The next residents meeting is on the 7th November at Littlemoor Community Centre on Canberra Crescent and all residents are welcome to come along.

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