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  • Nikki Latham

Littlemoor Residents Chance To Get Their Views Heard

Residents of Littlemoor will have the opportunity to discuss issues such as policing, litter, and other matters at the next residents open meeting on Monday, February 6th, at the Littlemoor Community Centre.

The meeting will be chaired by Dorset councillor for Littlemoor & Preston, Louie O'Leary, and will also be attended by other local councillors, the local policing team, and other agencies. This is the first of six meetings to be held on the first Monday of every other month, sponsored by the Littlemoor safety forum. The meeting is being held in the context of a sharp decline in anti-social behaviour in the Littlemoor area over the previous 14 months.

Weymouth town council leader David Harris (Westham North) will also be in attendance to discuss Weymouth Town Council's submission on the community governance review. Some proposals put forward include moving the Littlemoor boundary north up to Bincombe to include the proposed new 500 homes, which some residents and councillors have voiced concerns about.

Cllr O'Leary says: "When I speak up for my ward or put forward something as a councillor I am a servant of my residents and represent their views and concerns this meeting will allow residents to directly speak up and put their views across. A number of them have already filled in the survey on the issue and some of us attended the meeting held at Weymouth Council alongside Dorset council. I've already had Cllr Flower, Leader of Dorset Council, down so I am grateful to Cllr Harris for agreeing to come".

Tea and coffee will be available at the meeting for a donation towards the community safety forum.

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