• Nikki Latham

Local Green Space Designation In Weymouth

If you're a resident, community group, land owner or business, Weymouth Town Council wants to hear about the local green spaces you value in Weymouth.

The Weymouth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is calling on people to nominated local green spaces across the town. These will be considered in Weymouth's Neighbourhood Plan, which provides everyone in Weymouth with the opportunity to influence the decisions that will affect the town's future, from the way that land is used for housing, business, retail and leisure, to the protection of green spaces.
Local green spaces are defined as small pockets of land, close to where people live, which are of particular importance to communities because of their beauty, historic significance, recreational value, tranquillity or richness of wildlife.

Cllr David Northam, Vice Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said: "Protecting local green spaces that local people value is an important step in shaping Weymouth's Neighbourhood Plan. We know where most of these important spaces are located but we're asking residents, businesses, community groups, or landowners to come forward and tell us what local sites are important to them."
He adds: "The more people who join us in gathering this evidence the stronger will be the case for formal designation within Weymouth Neighbourhood Plan, providing similar protection to the Green Belt."

You have until Wednesday 6th April 2022, to nominate the areas you value, if you know of a site that meets these criteria, visit: http://www.weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk/neighbourhood-plan/ to download a form and email it to: neighbourhood@weymouthtowncouncil.gov.uk by the closing gate.

Alternatively, you can post it to: Weymouth Town Council, Council Offices, Commercial Road, Weymouth, DT4 8NG.
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