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Long-Term Disabled Patients Hit By Pandemic Hospital Delays

If you regularly have treatment at hospital the delays caused by the pandemic means that vital tests and treatments are often being delayed. If you have regular check-ups at hospital or even at your GP surgery, you have probably felt a little left behind by the waiting lists for those just being diagnosed
One of those progressive conditions is multiple sclerosis (MS), who almost 2,000 people who have this condition were surveyed to find out how the pandemic had affected their health. MS is a condition that is well highlighted, but this has been the case with many with long-term progressive conditions, which are not so in the public eye.

One in three hadn't had a consultation with a neurologist for more than a year (it is recommended to see a neurologist and MS nurse at least once a year!). Nearly half said their access to relevant care and support was affected in some way during the pandemic and nearly one in five said they had experienced disruption to appointments.
It's estimated that 130,000 people across the UK have MS - a condition that causes damage to the nerves in the brain and spinal cord and before the pandemic, 100 people were being diagnosed every week.
This is just one condition/disabilities stark reality of their pandemic experience, and while we hear about the waiting lists to start treatment, what about those with conditions that need this vital medical input that are likely to have deteriorated during this pandemic that may be past the "normal" treatment now.

For more information about MS contact the MS Trust: Home
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