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Man Vs Fat Football

Men are not the first to open up about their mental health and a local group in Weymouth have come together to focus on their mind and body, alongside losing weight.

The Man Vs Fat Football is not something new to the UK, having been successful across the country for around 6 years, a group has started at Redlands Sports Centre.
The group was celebrating on 13th June 2022, at their end of season trophy presentation, following a win over their local rivals, Yeovil on Sunday, with Weymouth Town Council Deputy Mayor Cllr Tia Roos and Dorset Cllr Louie O'Leary in attendance.

Over the past 14 weeks, as a team Weymouth have lost 239kg or 37 stone. Certificates were presented to 10 men who had lost at least 15% of their total body weight at the awards ceremony.

Coach Kev Ayling describes the game as: "big sweaty fun".

Cllr Roos said of the great project: "Man V Fat is a football initiative created to help support men in their physical health, but it also has a really positive impact on their overall wellbeing. They support each other as a team in losing weight and playing football as a motivation. It helps open the floor to men talking as well as team building and achievement and of course weight loss. Great stuff and available across Dorset and in Weymouth."

Cllr O'Leary, who was invited to attend as well, said: "Although I'm more of a rugby man myself, these fellas have done a tremendous job and should be very proud of their achievements. Initiatives like this are vital and also on another note, support venues such as Redlands, as well as those who take part."

A local resident, Joe Sewell, who takes part and has lost over 10% of his body weight added: "Man Vs Weymouth has been an amazing journey for me. I've met new people that have turned into friends. The goal is losing weight, but it's proved great for mental health and wellbeing also."

We wish them all the best from us all at Chesil Radio and hope to keep in touch with this group as it progresses and supports others.
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