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Local Popular DJ Wins Award

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, Chesil Radio was proud to award our latest Pay It Forward Award for 2021. This was presented at Hardy's Pub in Dorchester to Roger Mac of South Coast Entertainment at his weekly karaoke event.

It was awarded for all the support that Roger Mac has given for many years to local music and the venues, which he assists finding suitable artists for landlords and owners of hospitality premises and liaises with the artists providing support and equipment to perform across Dorset.

He does so much for the general public out of the kindness of his heart, which our Nikki Latham, station controller says: "He was the obvious choice for our latest award as he has a huge heart and does so much. On a personal level, he has boosted my confidence over the decade or so that I have known Roger, and that was before I was involved in Chesil Radio. Another example, is that he helped an elderly lady with precious pictures of her family that were damaged and he was able to restore them for her."

Nikki adds: "He does so much for everyone he meets and is a great example of Paying It Forward that this award is all about."

If you know of someone or a voluntary organisation that you think should receive some recognition for doing something selflessly, without expecting an financial reward, please let us know at: with a small description of who and why and maybe they will win our next award in October.


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