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Natural England's Countryside Code Guidance To Support Farmers And Land Managers

Guidance has been issued to support farmers and land managers, to help the public enjoy the countryside in a responsible and respectful way.

With more people getting outdoors, Natural England, in partnership with Natural Resources Wales, has set out guidance for land managers to help manage the public and the visitors to be able to enjoy the countryside. The Countryside Code was first established over 70 years ago in 1951. The updates include making public rights of way accessible, creating safer environments and installing clear signage to help the public respect, protect and enjoy the countryside. As well as advice on protecting livestock, use of machinery in public spaces and safe storage of chemicals.

The bigger changes include instructions for where visitors can walk freely on open access land or in a coastal margin and the processes to report anti-social behaviour, noise disturbance and fly-tipping.

Marian Spain, Chief Executive of Natural England, said:“With more people than ever before spending time in nature, this refreshed advice for land managers has never been more important in helping to ensure we work together to protect our outdoor spaces. “I urge all land managers to follow this new advice and continue to help make nature accessible to everyone, so people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy the invaluable health and wellbeing benefits that nature offers, while giving it the respect it deserves.”

The Countryside Code was in need of the latest update as it will be integrated into the wider, long-term behavioural change campaign, which aims to increase responsible recreation and protect green spaces for the future, that the code has upheld since the 1950s.

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