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  • John Latham

New Statistics Show Decrease In Cervical Screening Tests

The number of ladies coming forward for their cervical screening tests have fallen slightly in 2020-21, based on information on individuals aged 25-64 who were invited for regular screening. Due to the pandemic and the coronavirus measures, attendance for screening was less than usual.

Although only a small drop, it is such an important test to have, however if you have had a hysterectomy, please make sure that if you receive reminders that they have the correct records for you. These figures may also have been affected equally by the quality of data submitted for 2020-21, due to pandemic, however it is likely that there have been less tests carried out.
National policy is that eligible individuals are offered screening every 3 to 5 years (depending on age), to ladies aged 25 to 64. If you are eligible, please speak to your doctor's surgery to arrange a test or to discuss any concerns to increase this figure next year on such a life-saving test.
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