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NHS appeals to almost a quarter of a million people who signed up last year to give blood

NHS Blood and Transplant is encouraging potential blood donors to make 2023 the year they save lives.

New data shows that individuals who registered to donate blood in 2022 may not have donated this year, after their first donation.

In the South West region, over 35,800 people signed up with Give Blood last year. During October 2022, an amber alert was issued due to blood stock shortages, prompting a significant public response. Over 8,000 people in the South West registered during that period, and calling others and those who signed up to donate again.

Limited appointments were available for first-time donors at the time due to staffing issues and the prioritisation of existing donors. Challenges faced by the NHS in maintaining sufficient blood stocks in 2022 may have made it more difficult for new registrants to schedule their first appointments. Existing donors are given priority during these periods, as their blood type is known and they are more likely to successfully donate. Consequently, appointments for first-time donors were reduced. However, blood stocks have since stabilized, but donors are always wanted.

David Rose, Director of Donor Experience at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We always need new people to join our amazing community of lifesaving blood donors and help meet the needs of patients right now and in the future."

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