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Nikki Visits Hardy's Hop House In Weymouth

We spent Wednesday night feeling like VIPs at the new Hardy’s Hop House in Weymouth. 

The Hop House has taken residence at the old Dolce Vita site that has been empty for some time. And a good job they have done. The decor is a little bizarre in the style of the pictures on the wall with the obvious brew based items. 

We had amazing tasters from the grazing menu on the night before and Nikki went back to taste the Lunch Menu the next day.  Nikki ordered from the Lunch Club menu Grilled Pepper and Mushroom Salad (far too healthy for her!) and extra garlic ciabatta.

For a salad it was different from those loaded with lots of lettuce.  As you can see from the picture very colourful.  It did however take a while for the missing extra ciabatta to turn up which is obviously teething problems as their first lunch service and Nikki was there literally at 12 noon as it’s started.

Nikki says: “It was tasty.  The only thing it needed and even as an additional option is coleslaw.  The olive oil dressing would have been complimented with that.”

Hop House (in it’s correct spelling) was busy for it’s first day trading and the staff do need a little more time to settle in, however they are very friendly.  Minor note on the beer, at the moment it appears to be the obvious real ales for a Marston’s pub and hope this will change.  And although large heads on beer is fine when it’s free, Nikki doesn’t usually like a flake to put in her pint it might be a midlands thing?

Nikki is looking forward to trying the menu further on her next visit and these first day nerves resolved.

This is a great place to visit and eat if you are in Weymouth town centre and have a pint. I would recommend giving it a go.

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