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Nothe Fort awarded £320,000 for damp proofing vital to its ongoing development earlier this year

Nothe Fort, operated by Weymouth Civic Society, has received £320,000 from the Museum Estate and Development Fund (MEND) to address water ingress issues hindering the development of its heritage interpretation.

The funding will be used for remedial work, including clearing and repairing drains, sealing gaps, and re-pointing external walls. Despite being Weymouth's second most popular tourist attraction, the Fort has faced dampness due to changes in its structure and blocked rainwater drainage routes over the past 150 years.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Arts Council England’s MEND team, as well as to Dorset Council, which supported us in securing the grant,” said James Farquharson, Chairman of Nothe Fort. “We’ve big plans for Nothe Fort but we have been stymied from moving some of them forward due to the very damp environment in which they would need to be placed. This grant is going to transform what we can do, helping us make Weymouth an even better place in which to live or visit.”
The grant-funded work will be carried out in stages to minimize visitor disruption and is anticipated to be finished within two years. Simultaneously, the team will be creating plans for new displays, such as immersive experiences in the Victorian gun deck and the Cold War nuclear fallout shelter, showcasing a significant local narrative."

Kate Hebditch, Co-Manager said “As a landmark on Weymouth’s coast, the Fort gets everything the weather can throw at it. This grant will give us much needed funds to solve the damp problem and preserve this spectacular building for the future. The Fort’s growing profile as an events venue demonstrates our importance to the local economy. We had record numbers of visitors in 2022 and we’re working to provide a heritage attraction that is an increasing source of pride in the community.”

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