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Pandemic Impact On Bedroom Boredom

Covid-19 affected so many aspects of our lives and some we forget pre-pandemic, including our closest of relationships. For some it was more time with our partners and tested their relationships in some cases 24/7 in each others company and for those who didn't live together, the absence made the heart grow fonder, or did it?
A recent survey has found that those who were lockdown together led to a "pandemic" of boredom for some in the bedroom and despite spending the extra time together, 79% say they are having less marital sex than pre-pandemic. Yet only 4% of cheaters are currently in the process of separating or divorcing. One reason may be that 78% of respondents believed an affair is a form of self-care.
The situation not only impacted those close relationships as mental health was also discussed, with 26% admitted that their emotional state is somewhat or significantly worse compare to pre-lockdown, many seeking other ways to take care of themselves. Stress caused by money and health worries also affected some (39%).
Due to the new "normal" and spending so much time with their partners and working from home, etc, one in five (18%) of respondents were seeking an affair once restrictions were lifted to spice things up. We do need to note that this survey was done by a worldwide, married dating site, with 2,570 members questioned.
Lucy Beresford, Psychotherapist and Sex Expert says: " The pandemic placed huge strains on relationships, so it is unsurprising that restrictions are easing, people are looking for ways to feel sexually valued and intimately fulfilled. And because the pandemic also negatively impacted people's mental health, and because people feel emotionally rejuvenated when having an affair, this perhaps helps explain why there has been such an increase in sign-ups to the site - with women taking control of their relationship fulfilment."
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