• Nikki Latham

Pirates Invade Lodmoor Country Park In Weymouth

Pirates Ahoy! from Made to Measure Productions is bringing the Lodmoor Palladium to the Lodmoor Country Park in Weymouth. The pop-up theatre will be showcasing a range of entertainment over 9 days in 2022.

The state-of-the-art theatre will house the new production of Pirates Ahoy! with their new adventures in Dorset. Made To Measure entertains the Weymouth crowds for their 10th year, but alongside this annual show, the Lodmoor Palladium will also be host to some diverse evening entertainment including drag performers, cinema experiences, etc.

Pirates Ahoy sees the crew of the Saucy Sally take you on another swashbuckling adventure, which will see the usual daily performances and their much loved Grown-Ups only performances return too.

On site will be local food vendors and outdoor activities ongoing throughout each day in the event area, with a festival feel for the whole family.

Panto Producer and Writer Lee Redwood, said: “Our swashbuckling pirate pantomime has been a staple of the Weymouth summer season for 9 years and moving the show into our own venue will allow us to be limited only by our imaginations. Everybody at Made to Measure Productions is so excited to be introducing a brand new, purpose-built venue for our productions and we are so happy with the support we have received from Weymouth Town Council, Lodmoor Parks Department and The Friends of Lodmoor Country Park. Over the last decade, we have been committed to creating bespoke productions, specifically written and produced for Weymouth, and we can’t wait to continue that legacy at our new venue, the stunning Lodmoor Palladium.” The Lodmoor Palladium will be open daily from Saturday 13th August 2022 until Sunday 21st August 2022, with twice daily Pirates Ahoy! performances and the varied evening performances from the Made To Measure Productions team. To book visit: https://lodmoorpalladium.co.uk/pirates-ahoy/

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