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Poole's Pirates Danny King Fuel Sponsors For Danny's Day Is ... Chesil Radio

Although we can't be there for Danny's Day on 19th June at Mildenhall, Chesil Radio, wanted to show their support in a small way to Jodie and the family. Although, we did not meet Danny Ayres ourselves, we could see among the many riders, the shock of his sudden passing had on them.
Many of you know that we support speedway riders in as many ways as possible, and have continued to do so this season with many of the MSDL riders, and a couple that we have continued to support as they move along their speedway careers, Dan Gilkes and Chris Watts. Watch this space for some more news on sponsorship later.
We have chosen to be a fuel sponsor of one of the riders on the day, that I had the good fortune to meet at the Poole Pirates Press & Practice, earlier this year and was the obvious choice to support the captain of the Pirates, Danny King.
We will be on the road with the Weymouth Wildcats later in the month over to the Isle Of Wight for the 3TT, and off to Iwade to cover Kent Royals National home meetings in July, with live commentaries all the way and the build up to the meetings too. More information on these events next week on the live shows on Chesil Radio.
We wish everyone involved in Danny's Day the best, and wish them luck in raising money on the day. For more information on Danny's Day visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dannysday15
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