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  • Nikki Latham


As we plan for the autumn nights, we look at what the Isle Of Portland's Royal Manor Theatre has coming up for September 2022.

The return of the B-Side festival returns from 8th to 11th September 2022, with the theatre as their hub, it includes a short film called Kimberlin by artist Duncan Whitley, the film was made completely on Portland, and has been screened at a few film festivals, it's home premiere especially edited can be seen as part of the B-Side. More details about B-Side can be found at:

"Riding Out" is on October 5th, which sees cycling superstar Simon Parker share his highs and lows during his trip around the UK during the pandemic. The book of the same name, will be supporting this presentation with short films, photos and audio clips.

The theatre is being used for rehearsals for future presentations with "A Bunch Of Amateurs", the love letter of a play written by Nick Newman and Ian Hislop (Private Eye & Have I Got News For You), performance dates of October 17th to 22nd, get tickets booked for this one.

All pictures credited to Royal Manor Theatre

A joint production of Hardy shorts by Rose and Anne Marie Goldthorp, supported by the theatre have wrapped their production with a premiere in November in the plans. And also for November they see the return of The Rocky Horror Show and should give you chance to get your costumes ready for this event.

For more information and booking details:

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