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Prostate Cancer - What You Need To Know

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

A First Hand Review Of Prostate Cancer Promoting Its Awareness

One of our listeners has requested to voice there concerns below regarding Prostate Cancer to raise awareness. As a Radio Station we support this idea and wanted to help regarding the below issue. One of our presenters has also lost a close relative through this form of Cancer.

"Prostate cancer is a serious issue that men often neglect. As a survivor, I underwent hormone and radiation treatments, and now I regularly get PSA blood checks every three months. Early detection is crucial because once prostate cancer spreads, it becomes advanced and much harder to treat. Getting tested is simple, requiring just a small blood sample. If you are over 50 or experiencing symptoms like frequent urination, blood in urine, weak flow, or erectile dysfunction, don't ignore them. Prostate cancer can have devastating consequences, including the loss of sexual activity. Spread the word and encourage your friends to get tested. Don't wait until it's too late"

Prostate Cancer Awareness

Chesil Radio thanks to our listener who we choose to keep confidential.

If anybody else would like to share there experience or is concerned they may have problems. Please let us know and we will give you the information you need to get checked out.

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