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Public Competition Launched To Find A New Home For Britain's Railways

The public will be able to have a say on Great British Railways website to decide its new home.

Towns and cities across the country with strong links to the railway are being encourages to enter the nationwide competition, this includes England, Scotland and Wales. The new HQ will see the home of railways set up outside of London, spreading opportunities and part of levelling up communities.
Great British Rail will integrate the railways and deliver simpler, cheaper, passenger-focus travel. As part of the UK Government's levelling up and following the publication of the Levelling Up White Paper, the new Great British Railways HQ will be based outside of London and bring a number of high-skilled jobs to the winning location. There will also be regional headquarters across he country, putting decision making and investment in the heart of the communities who use the railways daily.
The creation of Great British Railways was announced as a major pillar of the once in a generation reforms launched by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps in the William-Shapps Plan For Rail. Great British Railways will be a single guiding mind that ends the fragmentation of the rail industry and drives benefits and improvements across the network for passengers and freight customers.
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: "Our railways have kept this country moving for almost 200 years, but it's time to kickstart a new age that will shape our network for the next two hundred."
He added: "I'm calling on people across the country to make the case for why the true home of the railways is on your doorstep."
Locations across the country with strong historical links to the railway are encouraged to make the case for why they should be the new home. The transition team will shortlist the best applications in May, after which a public vote will help determine the winning location.

The criteria includes:

* Alignment to Levelling Up objectives
* Connected and easy to get to
* Opportunities for Great British Railways
* Railway heritage and links to the network
* Value for money
* Public support

The eventual winner will be the heart of the rail network and provide strategic direction for the running of Great British Railways.

Local authorities, MPs and business groups can find out more at: http://www.gbrtt.co.uk/hq #DestinationGBR

Picture: Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps is treated to a colourful Michael Portillo waxing lyrical about Britain's Great Railway Towns Cities as he announces that the public will be able to vote on their choice for the Home of Great British Railways (GBR).

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