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Quiz Mistress Is Looking For A Second Home

Did you know that Chesil Radio offers more than just being a radio station?

In the upcoming weeks, we are excited to unveil the various services we provide as an independent media group and so much more.

However, today, we want to focus on our entertaining quiz nights. We have already successfully organised quiz nights at The Waterloo, on Tuesday, which will continue and now we are looking to expand to another night.

We are searching for a venue in the quayside end of Weymouth, Dorchester, or even Portland, for say a monthly quiz or more frequently. While it may take a few sessions for people to catch on to the fact that a quiz is being held at your venue, as the main holiday season winds down, this could be an excellent opportunity to attract new customers.

We utilise traditional pen and paper for our quizzes and can bring a basic microphone kit to ensure clear communication. With several decades of experience of hosting the quizzes and writing them too!

If you're interested in adding some extra fun to your establishment, don't hesitate to contact us at Perhaps even pop into The Waterloo for a quiz night on a Tuesday at 8pm!

This news story has been produced by Chesil Radio's News Team, for more information please visit:

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