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Raising Awareness For Anti-Social Behaviour in BCP Council

This week is UK Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week, BCP Council are out and about talking about it and how to report it.

According to a recent Government survey 56% of people wanted to see more done to tackle ASB. However, after they witnessed or experienced ASB, a similar proportion of the public (57%) said that they did not report it to anyone.

The definition of what ASB is, is very broad and a term which can be difficult to define as it is perception led, it generally encompasses behaviours which cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Councillor Bobbie Dove, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety, said:

“We know our region is a great place to live, work and visit and we recognise that anti-social behaviour is an issue which can have significant impact upon communities and people. Despite there being a decrease in the number of ASB incidents reported to us, it is still my priority to ensure we fight ASB where we can.

“If you are experiencing ASB, while in your home, at work or out in the local area, then I strongly urge everyone to report it. This can be to the Police, or to our in-house ASB team. There has been an £800,000 additional investment in our community safety budget so I would urge anyone experiencing any difficulties to ensure that they please tell us.

“Our ASB team will be understanding and work alongside you and other agencies, such as the police, to investigate complaints and take appropriate action. It is important to remember that if you are experiencing an issue which makes you feel at immediate risk or in danger the police should be called immediately.

“Over the summer months, calls around ASB can increase and this year, residents can expect to see more uniformed patrols across our play parks and hot spot areas so that our amazing area can be enjoyed without fear or intimidation. We are also recruiting for more community safety officers so please see our website if you fancy joining the team or to find out more about ASB awareness week”. To mark this week there are several awareness events with BCP Council and Dorset Police actively engaging with residents about their concerns, offering support and providing advice at multiple pop-up locations across the BCP Council areas. They can be found:

Tuesday 19th July: Kinson Community Centre, Bournemouth, between 10am - 12pm with ASB Officer, Youth ASB Officer and Neighbourhood Policing Team.

West Cliff Green, Bournemouth, 3pm - 4pm with ASB Officer and Dorset Police.

Tower Park, Poole, 4pm - 6pm with ASB Officer and Dorset Police.

Ashley Road & Alexandra Park, Poole, 7pm - 10pm with ASB Officer, Dorset Police and CSAS Officers.

Wednesday 20th July: Whitecliff, Poole, 7pm - 10pm, with ASB Officer, Youth ASB Officer, CSAS Officers and Dorset Police.

Hillbourne Parade of shops, Poole, 3pm – 5pm with ASB Officer, Youth ASB Officer, Dorset Police.

Thursday 21st July: Tower Park, Poole, 7pm - 10pm with ASB Officer, Youth ASB Officer & Dorset Police.

Joy Cafe, Churchill Gardens, Bournemouth 10am -11am with ASB Officer and Dorset Police.

Horseshoe Common, Bournemouth, 10am - 2pm with ASB Officer, Youth ASB Officer, CSAS Officers, Fire Service and Dorset Police.

Friday 22nd July: Hiker Café, Bournemouth, 10am - 11am with ASB Officer, Youth ASB Officer and Dorset Police.

Castlepoint, Bournemouth, 10am – 1pm with ASB Officer and Dorset Police will be available to offer advice and support.

Saturday 23rd July: Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth 1pm - 3pm with ASB Officers.

The BCP council has already announced investments to tackle ASB, by spending £100,000 towards improving CCTV in urban areas, with an additional £60,000 for increased CCTV monitoring and £500,000 to support additional Community Safety Accreditation Scheme Officers to provide better security presence, additional to focusing on tackling ASB until April 2023.

During these events the BCP Council team will also be sharing information about the Community Trigger (also known as the ASB case review). It is one of the Government's flagship ASB policies and gives people the right to request a multi-agency review of their case, if they feel their complaints about anti-social behaviour have not been dealth with. For more details about the Government policy, there is more information at: www.gov.uk/guidance/anti-social-behaviour-asb-case-review-also-known-as-the-community-trigger

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