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Ratflation: Local Councils Face 621 Rodent Infestations Every Day

Last year, local authorities dealt with 226,831 rodent infestations, averaging 621 per day. Estimates suggest there are now 150 million rats in the UK, with some becoming resistant to traditional pest control methods and growing as big as a cat.

Recent research by Direct Line Home Insurance reveals a 12% increase in residential rodent infestations from 203,227 in 2020 to 226,831 in 2022. The average cost for local authorities to address these infestations was £101,044 per authority, totalling an estimated £36 million annually. While 19% of local authorities offer free pest control services, others charge £80. The City & County of Swansea had the highest number of residential rodent infestations at 16,767, followed by Southwark Council (16,665) and Birmingham (12,736). Eastbourne Council experienced the largest increase in infestations in 2022, with a 188% rise from 208 to 598.

Rodents can cause structural damage to homes, including gnawing through floorboards, walls, and insulation. They can also damage pipes and electrical cables, leading to dampness, flooding, and fire risks.

Fortunately, none of our South & South West authorities appear in the top ten areas with the most rat infestations, let's hope it stays that way.

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