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Regional Rail Usage Numbers For The South West

Earlier this year figures were published for 2020-21 for regional rail useage.

The main points found were that there were 12.1 million journeys in 2020-21 from the South West, which equates to 23.3% of the 52.2 million journeys made in 2019-20. This shows a big drop on usage of trains in the area.

Journeys made within the South West area, has also dropped to 7.6 million journeys, which is just 28.7% of the 26.5 million made in 2019-20. Journeys to further afield outside of the area also saw a drop to just 4.5 million from the 25.6 million journeys in 2019-20 (17.6%).

Most journeys when outside of the South West were made to London (41.3%), the South East (33.0%), Wales (10.9%) or the West Midlands (7.2%).

It will be interesting to see if the trains have recovered in the current year, and also the impact of strike action.

You can read the report from earlier this year:

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