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  • John Latham

Royal Manor Theatre Pays Tribute To One Of Their Own

Following the announcement of the passing of one of their longest serving members, Alan "Boots" Coman, the Royal Manor Theatre took time to pay tribute to Boots who had been with the company since it was the Portland Dramatic Society.
He helped transform the primitive Methodist church into being what is now the beautiful Royal Manor Theatre, and performed many roles in the business from safety officer to treasurer and from maintenance officer to chairman over his 40+ years. He worked tirelessly on sets for plays, transporting props and scenery, etc. But would also be on-hand for the smaller things, but just as important, as a dripping tap to larger structural improvements.

He was a wonderful friend to all who met him and the thoughts go out to Boots' wife and family at this difficult time. Boots' legacy is the beautiful theatre helped create.
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