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South West Paints A Bleak Picture With 56.82% of People Yet To Make A Will, Survey Finds

New research reveals a staggering 56.82% of people in the South West are living without a will. This means that over half of the population in the region are not prepared to protect their loved ones in the event of their passing.

The findings, commissioned by charity will-writing campaign Will Aid, show that nationally, 59% of individuals do not have the necessary paperwork in place for their estate.

While the statistics for the South West are marginally better than the national picture, Peter de Vena Franks, campaign director for Will Aid said it was still vital that those without one considered the benefits of getting their affairs in order.

He said: “The results show that nationally we have a population that is burying its head in the sand when it comes to preparing their loved ones for the inevitable.
“And in the South West we can see that the situation is also concerning. Our poll delved into the many reasons why people avoid drawing up a will with many citing the difficulties they have talking about and thinking about death. We recognise that this is a tricky conversation to have with the people you care about but drawing up paperwork to protect you love long after you are gone comes with a sense of peace.
“Another barrier to making a will was cited as expense which, in light of the current cost of living crisis, is understandable. This is where Will Aid can provide a cost-effective solution that comes with the security that a will is being drafted by a professional, regulated and insured solicitor while you help vulnerable charities that are also struggling at this time.”

Survey reveals top reasons why people in the South West don't make a will: lack of time (27%), nothing worth passing on (26%), and fear of facing mortality (19%).

With only 29% have an up-to-date will, and just 46% of parents have named guardians for their children. In Northern Ireland, a staggering 74% lack a will, while Yorkshire and the Humber follow closely behind at 62%. Don't be caught unprepared - make sure your wishes are known and your loved ones are taken care of.

Don't be part of this alarming statistic - make sure you have a will in place to safeguard your family's future. Take action now to ensure your wishes are known and your loved ones are provided for.

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