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South West police forces work with local communities to drive out drugs

Residents across the south west are asked to report any drug-related activity and information to local police or the independent charity Crimestoppers, in an effort to tackle drug dealing and associated crime in communities.

Operation Scorpion is a well-established collaboration between the five police forces in the South West region (Avon and Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire), alongside their respective offices of Police and Crime Commissioners, South West Regional Organised Crime Unit (SW ROCU) and the charity Crimestoppers.

The most recent iteration of this operation will focus on drug supply and the associated harm, with the three key aims being:

  1. To demonstrate a ‘Ring of Steel’ around the South West, making it clear that drug gangs and associated crime will be targeted and removed from the region.

  2. To focus on visible street dealing by disrupting those who cause harm in communities through visible drug dealing and the associated crime.

  3. To work with the public and ask them to submit any intelligence gathering which may assist in identifying and tacking those responsible for causing drug related harm to communities.

Drug-related crime and other associated offences, including theft and violence, has a significant impact on communities and tackling them remains a priority for police force throughout the South West.

The public plays an important role in helping police forces to build an intelligence picture.  Any piece of information linked to drugs activity – no matter how big or small – can help police disrupt those who are profiting from the damage and harm that drugs bring to local communities. Trust your instincts. Even if someone isn't involved in drug dealing, they might be being exploited in some other way, so it's always worth speaking out.

Assistant Chief Constable Neil Corrigan, from Dorset Police, said: “The public of Dorset are our eyes and ears and our ability to bring criminals to justice and combat crime is greatly enhanced by the information and intelligence they provide us. If something doesn’t feel right, quite often it isn’t, so please trust your instincts and tell us what you know.
“The information and identity of anyone reporting intelligence to us is always protected, but if you aren’t comfortable talking directly to us you can report anything anonymously through our partners at Crimestoppers online or by calling 0800 555 111. You can also report via the Street Safe app.
“Every piece of intelligence that is received by Dorset Police helps to build a picture. Things may not be actioned immediately, but as more intelligence is gathered it helps to provide vital information that could enable us to take enforcement action, safeguard a possible victim or identify someone involved in crime.”

If you want to report a crime, but you don't want to identify yourself, you can contact Crimestoppers. Crimestoppers are an independent charity, working to help communities. They are not interested in who you are, only what you know, so the more detail you give them the better. You can also report information anonymously on the StreetSafe app. This service allows you to report safety concerns in public places without giving your name. Alternatively, you can report information and intelligence online at

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, David Sidwick said: “I want to be clear; your information could be the missing piece of the puzzle the police need to stop illegal drug deals in your community.
“Help us in our fight to drive these criminals out of Dorset and the wider region by continuing to report the unusual or suspicious activity you see where you live and work.
“We need your eyes, ears, and we need to know what you know about what’s happening in your community. Burglary, shoplifting, anti-social behaviour, and vehicle crime are among just some of the offences often linked to drugs, and I want it to stop. But the police need your help to go further than ever; they can’t do this alone. Help make Dorset #NoPlaceForDrugs.”

Everyone can all play a part in looking out for and reporting signs of drugs activity in neighbourhoods across the South West. Drug crime funds wider crime in local communities. You can help by speaking up. Help us prevent crime.

The message is clear: the South West is No Place For Drugs.

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