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South Western Railway has world-leading ‘green’ vending machines

South Western Railway (SWR) is revolutionising the vending machine game with their cutting-edge trial. Get ready to be amazed by the world's first vending machines with 'living walls'!

Created in collaboration with Decorum Vending, Regency Design, and phs Greenleaf, these machines are a true game-changer. These futuristic vending machines feature small, self-sufficient, vertical gardens that thrive in any location. Whether it's sunlight, shade, or covered areas, these living walls can handle it all.

And that's not all - these machines are also energy-efficient, using 54% less electricity than their predecessors. They even have a smaller environmental impact, thanks to upgraded refrigerants. But the benefits don't stop there! Each living wall consumes nearly 5kg of carbon annually while producing 2.4kg of oxygen. Not only do they combat air pollution, but they also boost biodiversity.

Made from recycled coffee grounds, the walls are eco-friendly from top to bottom. Join the eco-revolution at Bournemouth Station and witness the wonders of these innovative vending machines. Don't miss out on this incredible glimpse into the future of sustainable technology!

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