• John Latham

South Western Railway Introduces Temporary Timetable Due To Omicron

South Western Railway (SWR) as with many of the rail companies has been hit by the self-isolation requirements with Covid, resulting in a lack of available staff. SWR is the only company creating a temporary timetable, rather than short-notice changes.

The temporary changes will remain under review and will see the Weymouth to Waterloo route into a Bournemouth shuttle and Exeter to Waterloo will shuttle to Salisbury to change for London Waterloo in both cases. There are other changes, but these are the biggest impact on services in our area. The last train of each day will be earlier at present.
These changes will be available through the SWR website, with journey planners set to be updated on a week-by-week basis. These will be changed at the end of each week, that these timetables are running and are advised to check before you travel, especially with bus connections that are timed to meet the trains at some stations.

SWR says: "The emergency of Omicron has necessitated the need for a new temporary timetable, with staff shortages across SWR having led to unavoidable short-notice cancellations. With current guidance to work from home, this timetable with sufficiently meet current demands."
Our Nikki uses this route often and concerned that the platform they might use for this shuttle, she says: "I hope that these changes are for the shortest time possible, there are no lifts at Bournemouth and the distance expected to walk via the underpass, if you are unable to use the bridge will make this journey difficult. The cuts already made to Weymouth services already making it difficult to choose rail travel at the moment."

We will keep you updated if the departure times change from these stations as a result of these temporary changes.

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