• Nikki Latham

South Western Railway Issues Do Not Travel Today

Overnight, further fallen trees have caused additional issues for South Western Railway (SWR) from Storm Franklin, while still clearing up from the previous storms. Sadly, more trees are expected to cause issues as the current storm passes by.
SWR are working hard to clear lines and imposing the 50mph speed restriction for the safety of passengers, however, SWR are issuing do not travel today.
Tickets booked for travel on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, will be accepted on Tuesday, for travel. SWR are unable to guarantee replacement travel services to complete your journey.

Christian Neill, Customer Experience Director for SWR said: "We understand Monday marks the first day back from half term for many and we are sorry for the continued disruption these storms are causing. It has been an incredibly challenging few days and our teams have been working tirelessly to clear the tracks to safely run as many trains as possible. With more severe weather expected on Monday, we are asking customers not to attempt to travel as we cannot guarantee o get them to their destination."

The wind direction is expected to change it is very likely more trees will come down, having been weakened over the last two days.
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