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Speedway Hots Up For Chesil Radio

Here at Chesil Radio we love our speedway and have really been missing presenting trackside, so as the season approaches we are bringing to you some of the dates we already have in the diary.
Starting with Kent Royals Press & Practice day on Sunday 20th March 2022, we will be at Iwade and sharing pictures and Facebook lives trackside and from the pits. Bringing you the latest from the newly named Kent Royals in Si Kellow's capable new ownership and we look forward to working with him and the team there, especially as our speedway press accreditation sponsors for 2022 season. A huge thank you to Si for his support.
But we don't forget our first love, Weymouth Wildcats, we will be joining them on the IOW for the 3TT meetings at Smallbrook Stadium, later in the year (23rd June, 28th July & 16th August). A big thank you to Barry Bishop for permission to broadcast from this great track and running up to the dates we will be part of the announcing of the remaining team over the coming weeks as their official media partners on air.
We continue to sponsor riders and currently have our super 6. We will as always keep you up to date on their meetings and progress. We do hope to have a First Bend special show next month, but at the moment the planning of all the meetings, we hope to attend is taking some time to plan as we have not travelled regularly for the station for some time.
We have other press events and meetings that we hope to cover, however, there may be in some cases only a live results service, from some tracks, where we have been unable to obtain permission to broadcast live, these will be a mixture of social media and live programming, that we will highlight nearer the time. Any of the meetings that involve these cutdown services will be followed by the next morning with a full meeting report on our website. However, we do hope that in light of us receiving our restricted press accreditation for the first time this season, we will be able to expand these, so watch this space and look out for me trackside, you just never know where I might be this coming season.

Any speedway track owners or teams that would like to welcome Chesil Radio at their meetings please do get in touch: , especially after five hard seasons I will be accredited.
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