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Static speed-check on A358 captures more than 100 speeding offences in two hours

Avon and Somerset Road Safety Unit detected 106 speeding offences within two hours on the A358 near Chard during a static speed-check operation last week. 

The latest figure, which was recorded on Thursday 21 March, brings the total number of speeding offences in the location to 973 since December 2021.   

The majority of the A358 – the main connecting road between Chard and Axminster – is a single carriageway with smaller, local roads and private accesses joining directly with it. The static speed-check site is within a 30-mph residential area and is characterised by two acute blind bends.  

The highest speed recorded last Thursday was 53 mph. 

Road Safety Officer PC Daniel Cox is keen to address the issue of excess speed on this high-risk stretch: “For residents, the thought of being hit by a speeding vehicle when leaving their property is frightening,” he said. “Their concerns are justified: there have been four known collisions at this site since becoming an area of police focus, although many collisions aren't brought to our attention.” 

In consultation with Somerset Council, new signage indicating the 30-mph limit was erected and hedges cut back to make it clearly visible to drivers. Despite this improvement and enforcement, there has been little to no change in driver behaviour. 

PC Cox added: “The speed limits we enforce are not optional; they are in place to keep our roads safe for everyone. We will continue to crack down on road users who do not adhere to the safety measures we put in place.” 

Speeding is one of the ‘Fatal Five’ behaviours that most commonly contribute to fatal and serious injury collisions, along with failing to wear a seatbelt, distractions (e.g. using a mobile phone behind the wheel), drink and drug driving, and careless driving. 

Road users who commit one of the Fatal Five offences are significantly more likely to be involved in a fatal or serious injury collision than those who do not.  

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