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Stolen Bikes - The True Cost

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

1,100 bicycles are stolen every single day in the UK, which affects the cyclist both emotionally and financially. However, new research, carried out by Censuswide in August 2021, it suggests that 80,000 bike will go unclaimed and 61% of owners say they knowingly don't have specialist insurance in place.
Cardiff is the city where you are most likely to get your bike stolen from a train station (17%), whereas in Scotland, you are more likely to have it stolen closer to home (50%). However, in this survey there appears to be no figures for the south and south west.
As the past year has seen us using our bikes more and in some cases spending up to £500 on the bikes and accessories, it can be a disappointment to have your bike taken, but also repairs to these expensive bikes can add to the running costs, that at first may have seen an alternative way to travel or get fit.

The mountain bike is the thieves choice (26% of those stolen). Specialist insurance is available, especially with the recent changes with the Highway Code, that covers you, the bike and also public liability, depending on the policy choice.

Maybe it's time to take a little more care of our bikes, as well as ourselves.
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