• Nikki Latham

Storm Franklin Causing Issues For Monday's Train Travel On South Western Railways

With the third storm in days coming in, Storm Franklin, some train service providers have made decisions to advise for the Monday rush hour and travel during the day.
A 50mph speed limit has been put in for safety, which will cause delays and cancellations, on South Western Railways (SWR) first day of their new timetable. Customers are strongly advised to consider whether their journey is essential and make other plans if they can.
Due to conditions over the weekend, some travellers may have already delayed their journey to Monday, with ticket validity from Friday, but Storm Franklin comes in with a yellow wind warning, but on top of the previous damage, that you can see on the main and branch routes of SWR.
There is likely to be further line blockages overnight and into the morning as the storm moves across their network, you can see trees still causing issues at Winchester and Netley in Hampshire. SWR are also advising that they cannot guarantee replacement travel services during the challenging time.
Customers are being advised to check and re-check their journey on Monday, as the wind can change travel very quickly, with more than 50 trees having blocked the Network Rail tracks. SWR customers are advised to check: https://www.southwesternrailway.com/plan-my-journey

Tickets booked for travel on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, will be accepted on SWR trains on Tuesday.

Pictures provided by SWR Winchester cutting / Netley / Winchester.

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