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The Long Wait Is Over... Chesil Radio Merchandise Is Now Available...

In Merchandise Partnership with Club Shop Direct, we launch today the online shop for some exclusive limited edition items. We know that Club Shop Direct has local connections to a couple of our local football teams and was the perfect partners for this.

The products are made to order, so we ask that you allow time for the Club Shop Direct to produce these high quality items and exclusively available here for the very first time.

Whether it be a t-shirt, hat or mug.... Or an umbrella, fridge magnet or that which I am most excited about the Teddy Bear, you can now get your orders in from today.

The new designs created by the team at Club Shop Direct may surprise some of our listeners, but we love them and hope you do too! We have negotiated some great prices for you to enjoy these goods.

Now get those orders in and visit the shop:

Exclusively available from Club Shop Direct today. "To Cut A Long Story Short" if you want "True" "Gold" Chesil Radio Merchandise - use your "Instinction" to buy now!!


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