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The Nation’s Top Food Turn On’s (and Off’s)

Survey commissioned by Dominos uncovers the biggest food 'icks' - from rude behaviour towards waiters to spitting food back onto the plate.

63% say food is crucial in relationships, with 1 in 5 claiming it could cause a rift if their partner doesn't enjoy their favourite meal.

Only 28% would speak out about food turn offs on a first date. Fussy eaters get short shrift, with only 47% willing to date someone who sticks to the same old.

82% say food makes them happy, with cooking for someone, surprise date nights, and having someone else clean up after cooking topping the list of food turn ons.

Takeaway at home (55%) beats a night out (21%), with pizza as the ultimate date night meal (36%).


  1. Being rude to waiters or waitresses

  2. Eating with mouth open

  3. Talking with mouth full of food

  4. Spitting something back out onto a plate which is already half chewed

  5. Picking teeth

  6. Slurping soup

  7. Eating other people's leftovers without asking

  8. Licking a knife

  9. Criticising someone’s cooking

  10. Licking fingers instead of using a napkin

  11. Double-dipping on a shared spread (e.g. dipping a breadstick into hummus, eating it and dipping it back into the hummus)

  12. Starting to eat before the whole table has their food

  13. Putting ketchup on every meal

  14. Preparing fish in the office microwave

  15. Playing with food

  16. Hogging food

  17. Swallowing without chewing

  18. Sucking in spaghetti/noodles

  19. Stealing some of your chips while they wait for their own meal

  20. Adding salt before you have tried the food

  21. Eating really quickly

  22. Eating with hands

  23. Hogging dips

  24. Not putting the knife and fork together after finishing your plate of food

  25. Someone ordering really stinky cheese

  26. Taking ages to eat

  27. Mixing ketchup and mayo together

  28. Eating just the pizza and leaving the crusts

  29. Using a knife and fork to eat pizza

  30. Ordering a well-done steak

Is what you don't like in this list, let us know what you like or don't like, we would love to hear!

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