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The Speedway Season Is Upon Us... Almost

With the fixtures being published today for the Kent Royals, we thought it was time to let you know our plans and how you can help us...

Firstly, once again and as always a huge thank you to Si and his team, for signing off our Press pass for the coming season.

Unfortunately, the rules have changed again, since last year again and the BSP says I need a pass for each team that I would like to attend as a member of the press. Watch this space for another team in the league above, which we have applied for in connection with our friends at the Poole Post, Pulman's Weekly News and View News Group, and we thank them for their support too.

We are proudly sponsoring Chris Watts for another season, and once I know what our previous sponsored riders commitments are and need for sponsorship we will let you know here as we agree terms.

We continue to support the Weymouth Wildcats as their media partners, with any breaking news, etc and this season we welcome the A.R.H. Heathens Shale Racing Team to the family to support them as their media partners. We thank James, Martin and Andy for their additional support this season and wherever our travels lead us with them too.

But here comes the tricky stuff, for us to attend these meetings it costs us approx £200, that is the accommodation, travel and food for me to get to the track. Now it's a big birthday year, so for my 50th, if you could consider donating the price of a pint, to help with these costs it would be amazing, John who anchors the show in the studio at home, is also hitting the big milestone too. We will be approaching some businesses to see if they will sponsor some of our costs, but at present, we know money is tight for everyone, including ourselves.

You can donate in several ways, the best way is to donate direct to: via Paypal ( and choose friends and family and I will get the payment in full to support us, using this too you can select the amount you want to donate and use a card to make a one-off payment, you don't need an account. We also have buy me a beer:, but that is a set amount and has to reach a certain level before we can withdraw it.

So if you enjoy our coverage of speedway, please consider buying me a beer for my birthday this month and we can raise the funds for this season's costs...

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