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Top Ways Romantic Brits Express Their Love

Nearly half of Brits (45%) proudly identify as the romantic type, with a whopping 52% confessing to sending handwritten love letters to their significant other. Despite the rise of digital communication, a surprising 33% have shared heartfelt video messages within the past six months, yet a substantial 29% still struggle to articulate their emotions.

A recent study by Hallmark delved into the various ways Brits express love on Valentine's Day, revealing that acts of service like doing chores or writing cards are considered romantic by 44% and 16% of respondents, respectively. Other popular gestures include leaving a last snack (24%), sending morning texts (23%), and planning spontaneous date nights (19%).

Interestingly, only 14% of Brits have discussed their 'love language', with 57% noticing differences in how their partner shows affection. Understanding each other's love language can make expressing love easier for over half (53%) of respondents.

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