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Train Changes For South Western Railway & Southern Railway Happening This Week

With the return to work, now starting a pace after the lockdown, the public transport is seeing more passengers return to normal.

South Western Railway (SWR) introduces a new timetable from Monday 21st February 2022. This will see the trains return to pre-Omicron levels, but still not see the two an hour service between the Weymouth to Poole routes yet, during the week.

SWR can increase the numbers due to staff availability returning to improve reliability. Chris Loader, MP for West Dorset, asked a question about this in the UK Parliament, to Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister at Prime Minister's Questions a few weeks ago, and although not the 19th as we reported at the time, it is only a few days delay. The timetable will almost be identical to that of December 2021, meaning that a host of trains to and from Exeter St Davids and Weymouth through direct to London, still only hourly, so not back to pre-pandemic times between Weymouth and Poole.

SWR Managing Director, Claire Mann said: "It has been a difficult period for our railways and the customers' it serves, with significant staff shortages giving us no choice but to temporarily reduce our timetable last month."

She added: "With staff availability now consistently improving, we are pleased to be able to announce this uplift, which will essentially see service levels return to where they were prior to the spread of Omicron."
Within our area one service is not returning which is the 0738 Southampton Central to Waterloo, but we look forward to a full reinstatement of services to the South and South West in the future, we hope.
Southern Railway services on the Brighton line are also going to continue to be disrupted, they have brought in a special timetable for just this week, due to planned engineering works, if you are travelling on the line to or from the Southampton or Portsmouth directions, please check before travelling, a new timetable is due to start until May 2022, the following week. Commuters will be prioritised with their services, which may see a reduction in others, but will see a 12% increase in services overall.
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