• Nikki Latham

Train Companies Ask Customers To Come Prepared In The Hot Weather

Train operators are warning of disruption during the hot spell we are having.

Great Western Railway and South Western Railway are both warning to take care during this hot spell. Services are expected to be busy and journeys may take longer than usual with some speed restrictions on the tracks.
Reminding passengers to bring water; to cover up and/or bring sunscreen, etc will help the services to run as normal as possible during the heatwave.

As more people want to take advantage of the sun shine, particularly in our coastal counties. With temperatures reaching 30C in some places over the past week, the weather warning for even hotter for some over the weekend.

GWR Customer Service & Operations Director, Richard Rowland said: “We want people to enjoy the hot weather. However, where temperatures could reach 30 degrees outside this can mean more than 50 degrees for the track, and speed restrictions being imposed.
“Passengers should take some sensible precautions, be prepared for journeys taking longer, and it is likely our trains will be in more demand, so allow plenty of time for your journey and check before setting out.”
Stay safe and heed the advice to keep the trains running as smoothly as possible. If you become unwell on the train, as always, please alight at the next station and obtain assistance on the platform from station staff. Or like our Nikki plan breaks in the journey to allow you to get fresh air, not always possible, but sometimes breaks in journey may take longer, but savings can also be made on split ticketing.
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