• Nikki Latham

Transport Secretary Sets Out Protections For Passengers With New Aviation Charter

Yesterday, the Government has published a new Aviation Passenger Charter, developed by the government, industry, consumer and disability groups in partnership, outlining what passengers can expect if they have flight delays and cancellations this Summer.

The new Charter will act as a one-stop shop so passengers know their rights for their entire journey, from booking, travelling through the airport to the flight to cover both the journey out and back to the UK. It explains what rights as a passenger you have if things go wrong, including cancellations, delays, missing luggage and also advice on how to complain, if you didn't feel you were treated fairly. The Charter will be reviewed regularly to make sure that it remains up to date, especially during the busy Summer period and beyond.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Passengers deserve reliable services, and to be properly compensated if things don’t go to plan, and the chaotic scenes we’ve seen at airports are unacceptable.

“The new charter will help to give UK passengers peace of mind as they enjoy the renewed freedom to travel, whether for holidays, business or to visit loved ones. “Our passenger charter builds on our 22 point plan to support the industry in backing holidaymakers and keeping disruption to a minimum this summer.” Disabled people also get a mention in this new charter and those with reduced mobility, highlighting that they must receive the best possible service, and to be treated with respect and dignity so that aviation is accessible to everyone who wants to fly.

Further advice will come from the Civil Aviation Authority, which will respond to its consumer policy reform consultation, bringing change to aviation passengers.

Richard Moriarty, chief executive of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: "It is important that we at the Civil Aviation Authority and wider industry continue to work together in the interests of consumers.

"A part of that is how we improve the information they receive and making sure it is clear and concise to help support and improve their overall travel experience." Earlier this month, the Government announced that mandatory aviation sector security checks are being processed in record time, supporting the industry as it works to rapidly fill vacancies in the face of the demand increase. 97% of these are now completed within 5 days.

There are other actions being taken to try and ease the pressures on the aviation industry, which hopefully will help those of you jetting off for your Summer holidays this year.

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