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UK Families Spending Less Quality Time Together

Discover the shocking truth: families spend only 6 hours a week together, less than an hour a day! Why? The cost-of-living crisis is to blame, with 31% feeling its impact on family time.

Communication has suffered too, with a quarter noticing a change since the economic climate shifted. But wait, there's more! Emotional strain has increased for 34%, resulting in only 4 family meals per week. Can you believe that 21% enjoyed more group meals before the crisis hit?

And it gets worse! 42% of families forced to spend time together in the past year did so in separate rooms. Work shifts (56%), homework (29%), and social media (20%) keep parents and children apart. But the real culprit? Distractions like TVs and games consoles, blamed by nearly half (49%).

Spice up your family mealtimes and strengthen those bonds! A whopping 42% of parents struggle to connect with their kids elsewhere, making dinner chats more important than ever.

So, what's on the menu for conversation? School tales (50%), TV shows (48%), and juicy gossip about their little one's friendships (46%) take the lead.

Sunday steals the spotlight as the ultimate family feast day, closely followed by Saturday and Friday, while weekdays are a whirlwind. Want to make it a team effort?

Get everyone involved in the cooking (36%), celebrate a birthday bash (35%), or let the kids take charge of meal planning (29%). For a whopping three in 10 families, mealtimes are the only chance to enjoy some quality time together. Let's gather 'round and savor these precious moments!

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