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UK In Back Pain Health Crisis

Struggling with Pain: The Silent Epidemic Among Adults Revealed!

From sleepless nights to difficulty with daily tasks, a shocking 40% can't remember the last time they slept soundly.

Research by Curaleaf Clinic uncovers the harsh reality - 30% can't exercise, 27% struggle with chores, and 15% find getting dressed a challenge. But the struggle doesn't end there - 37% face hurdles in booking GP appointments, with 1 in 20 turning to illicit substances for relief. Despite 46% relying on prescribed medication, 45% report no improvement in pain levels.

The quest for effective treatment continues for 56% of adults, with many spending an average of £536 to manage their condition. Financial strain is a common side effect, with 29% feeling the impact on their wallets and 16% forced to reduce work hours.

Join the fight against pain - it's time for a change!

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