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UK Sleepwalking Into Parkinson's Pandemic

It's concerning that despite the high prevalence of Parkinson's in the UK, there is a significant lack of awareness about the disease.

For every person diagnosed, there are over 100 individuals affected by it in some way. Disability and mortality rates related to Parkinson's are on the rise, surpassing other neurological disorders according to the World Health Organisation.

A recent study by Cure Parkinson’s reveals that only 17% of people are aware of the impending Parkinson’s pandemic, despite warnings from experts and global health organisations. Surprisingly, many mistakenly believe that Alzheimer's is the fastest-growing neurological condition, overlooking the increasing number of Parkinson’s cases in the UK.

The general public's knowledge about Parkinson's symptoms is also lacking, with only shaking and balance issues being widely recognized. This knowledge gap may result in crucial signs of the disease being overlooked by friends and family members.

It's no wonder that 45% of UK adults feel that more government funding should be allocated to finding a cure for Parkinson's.

Cure Parkinson’s is urging for prompt action, requesting an immediate £90m allocation from the central government to advance research, increase awareness, and bolster the recruitment of scientists dedicated to finding a cure. Facilitating participation in trials and expediting the clinical process are critical objectives.

The organisation warns of potential severe consequences on the NHS and economy if a cure is not swiftly developed. Currently, the annual healthcare expenses for individuals with Parkinson’s in the UK exceed £728m, underscoring the pressing need to address the Parkinson’s Pandemic.

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