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Universities can boost UK growth and should play a bigger role in sparking economic prosperity

Universities are stepping up their game, ready to supercharge economic growth. They're calling on the government to create the perfect conditions for success.

Last year, Universities UK released the groundbreaking report 'Our Universities: generating growth and opportunity'. It explores innovative ways for universities to contribute to the economy.

And guess what? They've got some game-changing recommendations up their sleeves, including the rapid expansion of University Enterprise Zones (UEZ). The government's mantra is clear: build growth, unleash potential. And this report shows just how universities can be the driving force behind achieving these goals. They're perfectly positioned to make it happen.

Get ready for an exciting future as UK universities gear up to launch 21,500 new businesses in the next five years, providing a staggering £11.6 billion in support and services to small enterprises, businesses, and not-for-profits.

Universities UK, representing over 140 higher education institutions, is on a mission to become global leaders in business support. They want you to know that universities are open for business! With collaborations spanning employers, colleges, the NHS, and cultural and voluntary sectors, universities are poised to supercharge the post-pandemic economic and social recovery, unlocking opportunities nationwide.

Discover the game-changing University Enterprise Zones (UEZ) projects, like those in Nottingham, Liverpool, Bradford, Bristol, and Hertfordshire, that showcase how universities can forge impactful partnerships with local communities and employers. They are ready to build a brighter, more prosperous future.

This ground breaking report is here to revolutionise the way universities impact our lives. Creating a wave of innovation and opportunity like never before!

A world of endless possibilities as they unveiled their game plan, last year. Picture collaborative hubs where skills are honed, dreams are realized, and success stories are born. The Universities are ready to break barriers. and they not leaving anyone behind. Bridging the gap and spreading the wealth of opportunity across the nation. No one gets left out of this incredible journey! So, buckle up and prepare for a brighter future. The power of universities is about to be unleashed, transforming growth and opportunity as we know it.

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