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Unpaid Carers' Champion In Dorset

It's estimated that over 11% of the Dorset population are unpaid carers, according to the 2011 census data. As a carer they could be looking after their partner, relative, friend or neighbour, for whatever reason they offer their care and support.

Earlier this year, Carer Support Dorset appointed a new Community Engagement Officer, Tracy Rowland, to make Dorset, a more carer-friendly community. Tracy has had a lengthy career in healthcare including working as a Registered Nurse and working with Public Health Dorset.
Photo credit: Tracy Rowland

Tracy adds: “I am delighted to have joined the Carer Support Dorset team. I am looking forward to engaging with organisations to improve the understanding and support available for Dorset’s unpaid carers.”
To find out more information about support available to unpaid carers contact Carer Support Dorset on 0800 368 3449 or email:
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