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  • Nikki Latham

Vacancies At Weymouth Housing Charity

The Sir Henry Edwards Charities owns several homes in Rodwell Road, James Street, and on Boothill in Weymouth. They are currently looking for people who are in good health, and can take care of themselves. The Charity Trustees want to hear from people who may be eligible to receive help from them. They are currently accepting applications from anyone who was born in Weymouth or Portland, or who has resided here for the last ten consecutive years. If you are eligible, and are in need of financial assistance, please apply.

The Sir Henry Edwards Charities helps people who can't afford to live on their own by providing low-cost housing. This kind of housing is called an Alms-house. The accommodation is for use by the charity for the specific purpose of helping people in need. It is either occupied or available for use by a qualified beneficiary. The beneficiaries are people who live in the properties at the will of the charity. The residents don't have to pay rent, but they do have to pay a weekly maintenance contribution that can't be too high. Ideally, the maintenance contribution should not make it difficult for the residents to afford. The residents have to be of good character, be careful about the way they treat other residents, and follow the charities' regulations. The Edwards Homes were built in the late 1800s by Sir Henry Edwards. They are operated by Weymouth Town Charities today.

Matt Duggan, Trustee of Weymouth Town Charities said "Due to a some of our older residents no longer being able to occupy our accommodation we have a handful of vacant properties available. We would like to find potential residents who have a long standing association with Weymouth and Portland and who are struggling to the extent they can not own their own home, do not have much savings and can not afford to rent from a commercial or private landlord. We will consider the applications we receive to check they meet the requirements of the charities governing document and will then offer accommodation to those who the trustees consider are most deserving people.” More details on the criteria, to obtain an application form and details of how to submit it, interested parties should go to:

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