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Veterans Hub Users Cycle For Charities To France

Wayne Clark is the inspiration behind the idea of a cycle ride from Weymouth to France. The target is to visit many historical military sites during their trip including the new British Memorial that Harry Billinge, who recently passed away, was involved in fundraising for it to be built.

Wayne won’t be doing it alone, he will be accompanied by 5 other cyclists and a full support team. In 2020, Wayne was sadly assaulted in Milan while working in Italy following his 12 years service in the Royal Navy. He has battled to come out of a coma and has continued his rehab, but unfortunately has left with permanent disabilities that will make this journey a challenge in his specially adapted bike. With all his challenges he has found employment on his return to the UK and support from the charities that they are riding for.
The team will be cycling to raise money for The Veterans Hub (in Wyke, Weymouth), Headway and Defence Medical Welfare Service. The journey will start on the Veterans weekend in Weymouth on 19th June, starting with the team cycling in the esplanade parade and setting off for Poole from there to cross to France and hoping to return on 24th June.

The journey is estimate to be 500-600 miles in total. And any business or individual who would like to sponsor the ferry crossing please let us know and we will pass on your details.
The team are David Baird, Charlotte Chalmers, Andy Clark, Wayne Clark, Henry Forder, Kelvin Latham, Eyan Naylor, Andy Price, Bob Strickland and Ian Williams.
You can donate: or donate direct at The Veterans Hub.

We wish them luck on their journey and will keep you updated with their progress and their fundraising efforts.
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